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Table-Top Wargames at the DWC

Welcome to the Dundee Wargames Club.


The Dundee Wargames Club was originally formed as a table-top wargaming club which over the years has expanded to include both board gaming and role-playing games.

The main bulk of the club is still primarily table-top wargaming and we regularly see


and forms the main branch of the Dundee Wargames family.  The primary focus of the Dundee Wargames Club is Table-top Wargames which include Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Bolt Action and many more. 


We currently run on Wednesday evenings alongside the Dundee Roleplaying Club at the Friary from 19:00 onwards.


If you would like to join in with the Wargaming Club activities, then please get in touch via our Community Facebook Group or contact us via the Contact Us page.

Frequently Played Games

Below is a list of just some of the games we see played at Dundee Wargames.  Players are of course welcome to bring whatever games they would like to play and we are more than happy to host demonstration games.

If you would like to arrange a table to demonstrate a game, or perhaps you are keen to learn a new system, please do not hesitate in contacting one of the Club Officials at a club night.

Warhammer 40k
Bolt Action
Age of Sigmar
Warmachine and
A Song of Ice
and Fire
Middle Earth BSG
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