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Changes to the Team

New Club Officials

Craig Falconer - Quatermaster

A big welcome to Craig Falconer as he takes on the newly created position of Quatermaster. It will be his primary duty to check over and maintain our existing terrain and also organise build and paint days for making new stuff. Craig comes from a very experienced background in building and fixing terrain, so we are very excited at what lies ahead.

Bulb Donaldson - Head of the Roleplaying Club

With the recent expansion of the Dundee Roleplaying Club, Bulb Donaldson has joined our team to take charge of its development. Bulb will be completely responsible for running the DRC aspect of the Club and we're thrilled to see it's progress.

Changes to Committee Members

James Burn - Promoted to Club Secretary

James Burn has been promoted to Club Secretary and will take over the duties from Steven Young.

Steven Young - New position of Administrator

Steven Young switches roles to focus entirely on the Administration of the Club.

Current List of Club Officials

Committee Members

Chairman: Mathew Coll

Secretary: James Burn

Admin: Steven Young

Club Officials

Head of Roleplaying: Bulb Donaldson

Head of Board Games: No Appointment

Head of Library Club: David Michie

Quartermaster: Craig Falconer

Merchandising: Jerry Kane

Table Management: Iain Campbell

Club Official: Dave Price

Club Official: Stuart Bann

Club Official: Dan Wilson

Club Official: Scott Roberts

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