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Dundee Wargames “Library” Club!

It’s back! It’s bigger! It’s better! And it’s also joined forces with the DWC!

David Michie has restarted the Library Club once again to cater to the junior war gamers of Dundee and the surrounding areas. But this time he is not alone!

The Dundee Wargames Club has joined the cause and will be assisting where possible with terrain, advertising and a safe place for poor Dave when the kids overwhelm him!

So what is the Dundee Wargames Library Club?

The Library Club was (re)established late in 2017 with the aim of providing a fun and inclusive gaming environment for the younger players in Dundee.

What is the age limit?

Players aged between 8 and 16.

What games are played?

So far the Library Club has indulged in games such as Dropfleet Commander, Necromunda, 40k and a few others, including a Tanks! tournament that was a big hit! There’s plenty more games planned for the future as well, including dipping into the Roman era against the Barbarian hordes!

When does it run?

Every second Saturday, 10:30 to 12:30am at the Central Library in the Wellgate!

For more details on the Dundee Library Wargames Club, head over to their Facebook Group.

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